We All Need to Hear This

This is an enlightening reason to why people need those who will stand and deliver the messages that they all  have to tell through their stories and experiences.

There is so much in the world, yet so little when you don’t know where to go for clarity, understanding and solutions to what is being sought. That is why you are here…This is the purpose for your passions.

Throughout this  video, I saw many problems that people have that need to be resolved. Unfortunately, they can’t do it on their own.  Self-help books are not enough to hold their attention to get them to their breakthrough.  You hurt others in your silence if you do not stand and acknowledge who you are, where you’ve come from, and where we all need to go.  The problems presented here may seem small, but are contingent on the next action. The very essence of being has become remote, stagnated in behavior unbecoming to an interactive society.

So, the real question is,  Who are you helping by playing small?

I know I am guilty of it. Growing up, at a very young age, I knew my purpose was to lead. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew. I didn’t know what that meant, but I know I spent a great amount of time trying to go in the opposite direction. Yet, everything I touched, every interest I had rendered people that wanted and needed my guidance; people that relented on my every word. My son’s friends would visit.  We would all gather around and get into highly intellectual conversations that delved deep into the core of youth problems.  When done, they would look at me in amazement and ask, “Are you a psychologist?” I would laugh and say, “No, just a woman of passion.”

I recall a mentor I had when I started teaching that would come to me last, at the end of her rotation to end her day. She told me I brought her so much calm to her day that I helped her more than she felt she was helping me.   I saw the power of my presence and how I made a significant influence in the lives of the people that I came into contact with.  I didn’t know how to handle it because I didn’t want to lead. I didn’t want to help people solve their problems; at least not in that way.  I didn’t want people judging me on what they thought I should be. The direct deterrent for that was they would always say, “Lisa is a saint,” so I acted more devilish. “Lisa, she’s perfect,'” So I flaunted imperfections.” She’s powerful,” so I showed a weaker side and hid my strengths. Yes, I ran from the spotlight. Who wants to be put on a pedestal and possibly brought down by the same people that put you  up there.  I just wanted to be humble and serve without recognition.

My greatest pleasure comes in giving of myself, of my stories, of my knowledge. Now, I realize that giving of oneself is the most powerful gift one has to offer. My greatest fear is not that I am inadequate, but that I am powerful beyond measure.

There are so many people trying to reach out, trying to find life, a reality away from the “computer life.” This video is  just a mere glimpse into the lives people are living and the disconnect they feel with the world because technology has taken over.  The world needs more great minds, it needs more people to help solve problems. It doesn’t matter how small. It may be those small interactions that snap you back to reality; get you to peer up from the computer screen.

Ironically, I step into the staff room and people are there conversing, but their eyes are glued to the phone’s screen. Barely any eye contact or acknowledgement of your presence with an occasional,  “Yeah, yeah.”  I could take it personal, but this has become the communication norms. We all need to take small chunks of time, moments, to tap back in.  We’ve been tapped out for way too long.  Small changes can make the greatest impact. There is a high demand for what you have to offer as a coach, mentor, motivator, whatever you may be.

How long will you keep those who need you waiting?


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