From Sea to Shining Sea

american soil_n

On this beautiful 4th of July, I sit, lost in my own thoughts of everything I’ve ever thought America to be.  I think of independence in a whole different way, for many still haven’t obtained it as scripted.  Then this image comes back in my mind of how we pour into other’s ports and it flows from shore to shore somehow mingling us with the rest of the world. This gave me a sense of hope and promise.  Not because of everything that is happening throughout the world in politics, but for what it means to an entrepreneur and how we now we have advantages that we were never graced with years before.

Just last night, I listened in on a periscope from Nigeria, and then another one in parts of Africa.  Finally, I finished up with a touch of London.   I began to see why my calling is leading me globally and into parts of the world that I never would have dreamt in my wildest dreams.  But neither would I ever have thought it possible, until now.  I realize it’s all possible.  My first networking business engagement presented me with an invite to Brazil with my tribe.  I was thinking, “Brazil?”  I was jarred from that silly thought to thinking, “We are not confined to our homeland for delivering the message we wish for others to hear.”

Technology has brought us closer together than we ever have been before.  The willingness and the courage to step out of our comfort zones have led us to foreign soil. As we become more closely bonded to each other, we will venture out and explore the other places in the world, help others in their journey and grow our wealth together in the process.  Nothing threatening or political will be able to stop this movement.

Call it the New Age Explorers. Or better yet, The Age of the Entrepreneur, if you will, but there is definitely a great shift going on that’s causing movement from sea to sea.

Yeah! I know.  People have been traveling since forever.  You’re right!  But I am referring to the different wave of people who are taking flight, that are discovering new land and new opportunities.  That are making business connections on a smaller scale, but yet these connections are a powerful source that demands the coming together of people.  Technology has introduced us, travel will commence the relationships.  We were never meant to be secluded on our own little continent and not reach out and touch other parts of the world.  We are destined to touch other people’s lives.  Otherwise, why would Pangea ever have existed? The world is huge! Why pile all the land into one big conglomerate of continents?  Again, just my deep thinking.

Looking at business in a new way is going to cause us to travel, and see more of the world.  I’m not talking big business men who have been doing this since forever.  I’m talking about a new face of people.  People who have overcome fear and adversity. People who have a genuine message to share; and people who have been promised a more abundant life if only they dare to seek it.  Abundance not only comes in wealth, but in a world of experiences,

As I follow my passions, people I’m connecting with will someday become global partners. This is exactly what I want to do.  No longer does a textbook suffice for the description of a people and it’s culture.  No longer will the news reports depict the worth of a country’s visitation value based on the clips they deem worthy to show.  People want to see for themselves, indulge in culture, experience something other than the American way.

Becoming an entrepreneur, or better termed for this, Global Coach,  allows for many to learn and educate themselves about wealth, networking and business by playing on the best expansive field, the world’s playground.

Viewing the beach shores and looking out over them, I wonder…whose turf are we colliding with and what can we share of our culture, while enriching ourselves and indulging in theirs.

These are the freedoms that consume my thoughts today; Financial and Time freedoms that allow for Location-free opportunities taking me across the shores to indulge in a more enriched experience.

Are you ready to brave the American waters following them to other lands that await your knowledge, your gifts, your guidance?  Will you stand firm and proclaim we have a duty to our brotherhood (and sisterhood) from sea to shining sea to spread this knowledge that we have been given and take in all the lessons we have yet to learn?

When I hear people talk about their work and calling being global, I often think does this mean just showing up virtually or will  you ever feel that you physically need to set foot upon foreign soil?

With that in mind,  where are the sights and thoughts of the seashore calling you?

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