Tears of Passion

                             “If I cry, I will cry purple.”   Related image

People who know me well, know that I am not a crier, but a thinker.  Things that bring most to a full panic, will leave me standing in deep thought, working my way through the scenarios in my mind, of all of the possible outcomes. Figuring in how I can help someone get a breakthrough before a breakdown. Therefore, if I cry, there is something much deeper that I foresee that others possibly can’t imagine.  The tears are rarely for me, but for the plight of others who have not quite charted out their path.

How many times have you caught yourself tearing up from misfortunes that may not be yours, but nonetheless, you are deeply touched, deeply moved, deeply compelled to action? With tears in your eyes, not necessarily sad ones, but ones of woe of what’s to come. Tears shed because you are able to see your way through most of life’s perils and beyond it. With the path laid out before you in luxurious color, leading to your destiny.  It takes a great deal of tenacity to see past the pain, to recognize the need to overcome before seeing the outcome. This is not the case for everyone. Therefore, a tear or two may escape. Tears that weep for the suffering of others, that you feel compelled to find healing.

Tears of Passion.

I often believe I was born of purple. I know, that may sound a bit silly, but if asked what’s my favorite color; I was very explicit with what it was and why it was.

I felt a sense of pride and dignity knowing that somehow I am in this world, but not of it. Yet, I’m here to make a difference.  I was created from something greater than I could ever know or understand.  Somehow, purple, reds, green and golds were my colors of significance. Each carrying its own meaning, yet intertwined with the other. What stood out the most was purple, the color befitting of a Queen, although I was just a little Princess. Why would something that’s seemingly so small be of great importance to me.

I’m not surprised that my color would be purple.   It’s vibrant, it’s rich and it demands attention.  It’s formed by combining the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.  This is quite definitive of my personality.  My world is painted in bright, vibrant hues of purple.  Which signifies to me that I am worthy to sit in God’s presence and partake in the abundance that he has stored in his treasury.

Did I say treasury?

Yes! We have the inheritance to abundance, but so many choose to live in scarcity. They don’t know any better or they are convinced that it is better to give than to receive , rendering them to believe themselves unworthy of God’s promises.  Being of this royal caliber, wouldn’t you be able to give more?  It is God’s will that we live in abundance. That means me, that means you. So, again I look around and though I am abundantly blessed, I can’t help but wonder why would anyone accept defeat, discomfort and dismay as their path. Living the life of a pessimistic thinker, unable to believe that they are able to receive of goodness. Unable to change their mindset, to shift to happiness as intended. Worst of all, believing they are condemned to suffering and there is nothing to be done about it. For this, my work, my passion to guide those who will listen. The price of our suffering has been paid. We need but follow his path.

Is it not good that a person be associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition? (Purple Traits)

My vision in my head encompasses all of this and more. To be successful can be viewed differently by many.  Success, to some is to obtain great wealth, while to others it is to touch as many lives as possible during the time we are given upon this earth.

For this, I cry Tears of Passion.

Time seemingly passes so quickly.  When I factor in time lived and time left, I wonder will there be enough time.  Nothing is greater than to live and to leave your footprint, your legacy in the hearts of many as you pave the road to your destiny. There is nothing about God that is in lack.  I could go into scripture only to find that abundance is mentioned in 47  verses or more. Even in the simplest sentence, “Jesus wept.”  He wasn’t weeping because he was sad.  He had come to bring joy, to bring life…yet he wept.  He wept out of his abundant compassion for those that were suffering. Christ left a Legacy of Service to the people he saw in great need.  What was ironic, a lot of the suffering could have been avoided by simple belief that things could change and be better.

For this, I shed Tears of Passion.

One thing I have learned in life is that it is not good to wallow in pity and sorrow. I’ve followed the “Ask, and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.” Never wavering in my faith. The suffering of people not knowing that they have an inheritance greater than anything of this world.  The suffering of not knowing that they can have the desires of their hearts right here, right now.  The suffering of acceptance and not seeking beyond what they already know. The experience of poverty; the knowledge that doesn’t lend itself to faith and belief.

For me, I was born of purple.

Child of a King! Creative wisdom; the gifts that seem to flow abundantly within me, through me and around me.   These gifts were given to help those who are unable to see for themselves their divine destiny.  I dare not question why I have it or how I will use it, but simply exemplify it daily in ways that are of value to others.  When your gifts are used to serve and you see all the good that comes as you help others to leave suffering and obtain abundance…

You too will Cry Purple


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