A Season of Change


I love this picture! It has inspired me to tap into my other talent. The artist in me. I feel a strong urge to paint.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year..Winter and the white glistening snow tops them all. I know things are suppose to be dying during this time, but I see it as preparing for rebirth. It’s all in how you view the world. I never see it as deplenished but rather replenishing. Finding a way to reestablish what once was.

For me, it is one of the most breathtaking times of the year where you don’t see only the green trees, but all of these vibrant colors starting to surface. How amazing is that, to see a green leaf turn yellow, orange,red, maroon and then brown. It captivates my thoughts and bring me within to where I am wondering. What are my next steps? What will put me in a better position for next year?

When I paint it puts me into a Mindset of peace, tranquility. Nothing matters to me at that moment except me, the canvas and what I want to transpire onto it. It opens my mind up to creativity in so many ways. One thing it does, is that it always taps into my writing.

Our lives are very much the same as the seasons. We continue to redesign our lives based on what season we are in. Whatever changes that take place, are actually right for that season. We lose some things, we gain others. We have a period of rest and a time to spring back into action. Nature teaches us a lot about ourselves, if we only take the time to acknowledge it. There is no wonder that the Native Americans depended so heavily on the signs that nature gave them for how to live and take care of the earth. Not only that, but be in tune with earth’s cycles.

When I take my walks, I also take lots of pictures to use for my writing later or catalog them for future sketching and painting. Through doing this, I have become so aware of the changes that happen as I visit the same areas. Every season takes on a life of it’s own which affects our lives on a daily bases.

As you finish your business year, think of the changes you have gone through to get where you are today.

What big events have led up to those changes?
What is the next best move you can make to emerge next year stronger?
How will you feed into your business during this time of hibernation? (Think about it…holidays pull sales in different directions.)
How will you draw an audience to your product or service?

These are just things to think about, for survival skills for this time of season.

But wait! While you are thinking about those things, take a moment for yourself to enjoy the season’s change and it’s beauty. Be inspired by it! Don’t bundle up in the comfort of your home because it’s cold or rainy, (I wish I could be home where it would be snowing.) But rather, get out and see what clues nature has for you. The smallest springing of a flower bursting through when it should be nestling and waiting for a warmer entrance back into the world can be enough inspiration to let you know to prepare for 2018, not wait for it. The flowers determination to spring early could be your sign.

We all have smartphones, somewhat…give up a couple of selfies and point the camera the opposite way to see what nature is trying to tell you.

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Photo posted in  Enchanted Nature


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